Forest measurements and biometrics  involves developing and testing methods for taking and using measures from forested lands, including statistical sampling and analysis methods.  This site presents:

  • Recent Research Papers and Thesis that might be of interest
  • Pamphlets explaining the use of newer analysis methods using forestry examples (e.g., mixed models, generalized linear models, spatial modelling), generally meant to be used as teaching tools
  • Short Papers describing useful methods of measurement, data collection, and/or analysis including samplig formula
  • Presentations and conferences related to forest biometrics
  • Photos — photographs of forest measurements in action!  These photos can be downloaded for use in teaching
  • People associated with UBC forest biometrics can be seen here
  • Links to other forest measurements and biometrics web sites
  • PrognosisBC Modelling, University of British Columbia:  This website provides the information of PrgonosisBC which was adapted from the forest vegetaion simulator(FVS) in 1997.

Course Materials


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Some of the items have been peer reviewed, as noted on these documents.

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